Sworkz S35-3 Pro Nitro Buggy Kit

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For the past 7 years, SWORKz kept developing and improving their 1/8 off road nitro buggies. After the successful debut of the SWORKz S350 EVO II Limited edition (2015-2016), we continued to follow SWORKz DNA and further build on the EVO II Limited edition. Ultimately SWORKz created the S35-3 Pro Nitro Buggy. The S35-3 is a brand new SWORKz 1/8 nitro buggy. The S35-3 newly designed arms are made from a strong standard nylon material. Optional carbon covers are available to adjust the arm’s stiffness. A new front Ackerman steering system and a unique front shock tower design allow you to change the front upper angle position with ease. The centre plastic BBD diff system provides better acceleration to the S35-3. A new simple radio tray system gives better and more precise throttle and braking response. The T-7075 aluminum chassis come with several new designs. The L.F.C (Lower Friction Coefficient) chassis allow users to install 15-45g balance weight on the chassis CG position. The S35-3 includes high quality parts, a refined shock system, more options and optimized suspension geometry. The SWORKz S35-3 Pro Kit comes standard with many SWORKz Factory Team Option Parts. SWORKz utilizes only the highest quality materials and industry leading manufacturing processes resulting in a faster, stronger, and more reliable vehicle. The S35-3 Pro Kit has been designed to win. Congratulations on your purchase of the new SWORKz S35-3 1/8 scale off-road racing buggy pro kit. Please read this manual thoroughly before you attempt to start or drive your S35-3. This manual contains step-by-step instructions to help you complete, prepare for startup, and fine tune your Buggy. Updates, setups, and product news will be posted on our website (www.sworkz.com) or on the SWORKz RC Face Book page, so please check often. As always, if you should ever have any questions or need help with your S35-3 , please feel free to contact our official SWORKz dealers and distributors, as they will be glad to help you. You may also contact us at any time for the most up to date information and support.


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Dimensjoner 52 × 26 × 21 cm